C/ Dr. Josep Castells, 2
08830 Sant Boi del Llobregat
T. 93 223 51 39
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Our commitment

As well as having a diverse and efficient professional team, with a lot of experience in the sector, we incorporate commitments to our work and organizational methodology.

We are conscious that all kinds of companies must be committed to the environment. That is the reason why we have agreements with:

  • Customers:
    Our principal aim is to satisfy the expectations of our clients while giving a proper treatment.
  • Quality:
    We are motivated by quality. We can guarantee quality because of our experience, proved by the certificates we have. And thanks to our ability to give responses at unexpected situations.
  • Environment:
    We are concerned about the environment ant that is why we consider it in our planning and developing system. We also identify every environmental factor which interferes in our common jobs and we try to improve them in order to preserve the environment.
  • Security:
    We have developed a Security Plan in the transport taking into account the special features of adapted coach and school transportation. In addition, there is a maintenance cleaning plan that is strictly applied.
  • Continuous training:
    To achieve excellence in our sector, it is essential to offer continuous training to our employees. In this way it’s necessary to train the new employees as we as constantly expand the knowledge of our senior staff.
    . We train new employers and we increase constantly the senior’s staff knowledge.
  • Technology:
    Our commitment is having the market’s latest technology to contribute actively and efficiently to the security of service. Our vehicles are equipped with modern control devices and also a localization GPS system.
  • Equality:
    We have a special interest in applying equality policies in work, communication and human relationships. We also have a special sensitivity to facilitate the integration of people with special disabilities to our job.
    Our aim is to help to remove participation restrictions in any activity due to any kind of disability.